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Currently we only have our Wild Alaskan Sockeye in both portions and fillets! Stock up for the holidays! We will be receiving more product in the spring when we start catching again. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when product comes in! 


Boat To Your Table - One Fish At A Time

Wild Woman Fish Co. offers you the chance to buy wild caught, direct from fisherman, responsibly sourced Alaskan seafood. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE

Cindy Aubrey

"I bought salmon from Wild Woman Fish Co. and it was the best I have ever had. We eat a lot of fish - and have recently discovered that the fish I thought was healthy is filled with antibiotics and more (that people shouldn't be eating). I was happy to find a place with clean and really delicious fish. GO Wild"!

Joe Mack

“YUMMMMY! I'll be picking up more for my next dinner party. Family and Friends will ask, you'll know the secret and hopefully share.”

Robert Garrett

“Simply put..deliciously fabulous.”

Regina Lathan

“Exceptional seafood! Able to try during recent holidays and was so very pleased!”

Heather AylorMakover

“Best fish ever!”

Gary J. Gaugenti

“Best Alaskan seafood ever! These gals just ROCK!!!!!

Tom McCauley

“The fish is some of the best salmon ever thanks Lacie!!!!!!”

Fran and Harry Pellikan-Mertz

“ Tried the King salmon. It was wonderful! Highly recommend.”

Elton Huang

“Best King Salmon I've ever had in my life so far! It was rich in flavor and tasted super fresh.”

Jeff Robinson

“Love it, great value and great service. The salmon and cod taste incredible!”

Margot Lathan Bean

“Absolutely the best salmon and black cod I've ever eaten! I will be a returning customer for life. Thank you for taking the middle man away.”

Emily Wilson

“Thanks for providing such great fresh fish, with great service”

Matt Gawlowski

“I love their fish and selection...simply fantastic...I'm hooked (no pun intended)!”

Jenny Schlosser

“Great customer service and my salmon was perfect! Big chunk, no bones. BBQ'd it with lemon juice and a little lemon pepper. What a treat here in CO! I really appreciate your sustainable fishing method as well. Thank you both!! (From a WA native/salmon lover)”


“Some of the best seafood I've eaten. Everything I've tried has been delicious and they are super friendly!”

Hope Haven

“Absolutely the best fish I've made. Even when I pulled it out of the bag it smelled fresh, clean and really pretty good! Very very happy with my fish! Definitely never buying grocery store brands again.”

Todd Miller

“The halibut I picked up this week was absolutely amazing! Wondering if 10 pounds will be enough for us”

Wild Woman Adventures

Wild Woman is offering custom guided adventures to Alaska… We are NOW reserving guests for the summer of 2017

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