Why do Commercial Trollers have the highest quality in the world?

Well, for a number of reasons...
1. As a troll caught fishery, we catch each fish one hook at a time.
2. The fish are cleaned and processed immediately after catching. Most of your net boats, the fish are not cleaned right away and they sit in a hold for three or four days. Our fish are process as soon as they are caught. This means gilled, gutted, and bled out.
3. We flash freeze! This is the most special part of our process. We flash freeze the day they are caught to -30. This cryogenically preserves the fish to be higher than sushi grade. Not to mention it can be kept in a freezer for up to a year WITHOUT altering the taste! Its pretty amazing, and more so amazing when you try it and taste the difference.

Whats the difference between line vs net caught fish?

For several reasons, line or "troll-caught" salmon is generally the best quality fish you will find. These fish are often caught further from the fresh water and spawning phase of their life cycle, which translates into a bright, shimmering silver skin color and very high fat content and flesh quality. Troll-caught salmon are handled one at a time with "kid gloves" by the fishermen who can expect to receive top dollar for their catch. The salmon are often immediately bled, cleaned, and iced or frozen while still on the boat--and often referred to as "FAS" for "frozen at sea."
In contrast, while net caught fish may also exhibit excellent skin color and flesh quality, they tend to be caught nearer to shore in higher volume, so don't receive the individual attention given to troll caught fish. Consequently, they may incur some skin discoloration and bruising. While net-caught fish are often immediately chilled in refrigerated sea water (or totes of ice on smaller vessels) they are seldom bled or cleaned until being delivered to shore based processing plants. While most Vital Choice Alaskan king and silver salmon are troll caught, this harvest method is not commercially effective for sockeye salmon, which are caught primarily by either gill net or purse seine. This is because sockeye feed primarily on plankton and krill, and will rarely strike a troller's lure.

What's the difference between a King and a Coho salmon?

Because of our high quality, I personally have placed them next to each other and have hardly been able to tell the difference in taste. But many salmon fanatics would argue King Salmon is milder. King salmon is renowned as the "king" of the salmon for a number of reasons. The first is there are very few caught each year, vs. a Coho which is much more abundant. Obviously Kings are much larger so they will have a thicker fillet, where a Coho has a much thinner fillet. The most interesting difference actually lies in the nutritional value. A king salmon actually has the highest omega 3's and fatty acids of all the salmon. They are considered the super food of the salmon. Their Omega 3 count lies at 1700 mg vs. a Coho which is 1200mg. So there you have it.

Do you sell Sockeye Salmon?

We currently do not carry sockeye salmon because they are a net fish. They wont hit a hook and we are all hook and line. Sockeye salmon are primary plankton and krill eaters, so unfortunately we don't target Sockeye even though they are a delicious fish. We are hoping this summer to "hook" up with a gill-netter to get a supply of sockeye to sell next year.

Where do you sell?

Currently we sell primarily at farmers markets in both Southwest Florida (Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral) and Colorado Springs. We sell in Florida from November until May and in Colorado from May until October. We just set up shipping which will be ready to go by the end of May with some fabulous shipping rates. We also sell wholesale to small grocery stores and Seafood Markets. If you are interested in wholesale please contact Lacie directly.

Can I create custom orders?

Yes! The perks of being a small business, is we can cater to peoples specific individualized needs, and we are happy to do it. No order is too small or too big to be important to us. Not only do we have the highest quality product but we pride ourselves on our customer service. The only restrictions we do have is a 5 pound minimum for shipping orders and deliveries. The good thing is all of our fish is in half pound portions which is a perfect meal size for one or two people and what you don't eat you can keep in the freezer for up to a year without altering the taste. Its also the best bang for your buck to order in bulk!

What are the differnt portions you offer?

all of our products are in half pound portions, cryogenically frozen and vacuum packed to ensure the highest quality and flavor. We chose half pound portions because its easier for the customer to handle individual portions already pre-portioned than it is to commit to an entire fillet. We do however offer the fillet option which is great for BBQ's and family gatherings or big events. (weddings, graduations, anniversaries). The fillets range in weight from 3-5 pounds of King salmon. We hope to provide Sockeye fillets is the coming future. We also offer an Albacore Tuna Loin which runs about 2-2 1/4 pounds. The loin is the same thing as the tuna medallions, they are just not cut up. It just depends on your needs.

Always feel free to call for help in deciding on an order that is best suited for your specific needs.