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Wild Woman Fish Co.

The Story Behind the Company




Lacie Richardson is a Colorado Springs native and the owner of Wild Woman Fish Company and Southern Alaska Seafood. As a former commercial fisherman, Lacie has worked in just about every commercial fishing industry along the entire outer coast in Alaska until investing in a Troller operation based out of Sitka. Two years ago Lacie started bringing down her Troll caught Alaskan Seafood to her home town and now distributes nationwide and locally directly to consumers, specifically Colorado Springs. Wild Woman Fish Co. is all woman owned and operated with women in fisheries and women in the seafood industry and has also become a primary distributor in Colorado for a majority of high end restaurants across the front range for their wild Alaska Seafood needs.

What is unique about Richardson's company is despite a tough market for wild caught fish; Lacie has not sacrificed the integrity of her product for the bottom dollar, but still manages to create an example for the future of the seafood industry to protect its fisherman, the consumers, and the environment. Lacie Serves as a boat to table program, connecting fisherman to community and providing THE most sustainably caught, premium quality wild Alaskan salmon you can get on the market. Lacie engages in speaking events and lectures across the Front Range as an advocate for this concept and telling her wild story of fishing in Alaska to owning a seafood company at the young age of 27. Lacie has been featured as a finalist for young entrepreneur of the year award and has been featured in several well-known literary journals and magazine such as National Fishing Magazine, The Guardian Business Journal, and The Gazzette for her advocacy for transparency, education, and collaborative conservation efforts within the industry. Lacie also owns a separate company that host's custom guided women' empowerment retreats to Southeast Alaska.

Lacie spends her outside time as a performer and improve comedian, as well as an artist in just about anything. Lacie is an avid travelers and lover of life spending time traveling all of SE Asia teaching English to rural communities and educating the world on the wild market of Alaskan Seafood. She find her passion in tearing down the veil of mislabeled salmon and helping people discover where their food comes from.Commercial fishing, she found, gave her tremendous outlets for her creative and artistic talents. As a spoken word poet, she developed her own spoken word CD of fishing poetry and fishing stories of Alaska (which can be found under the poetry section of this website) as well as learning to play the harmonica (blues harp) and water coloring. Commercial fishing taught Lacie much more about her physical strength, inner endurance, and loving spirituality, than she had ever initially thought was possible.


About Our Fishery 

Our brand represents a mindful sustainable way of life. We are a troll caught fishery out of southeast Sitka Alaska. All of our fish are mindfully caught, one hook at a time and cleaned immediately. No nets are used so the fish are handled as individuals and processed immediately. This not only is more humane, but it also dramatically improves the quality and taste of your salmon. There is never more than 24 hours on our fish before they are cryogenically frozen which preserves the salmon to make it taste like the day its caught but also to allow it to last up to a year without altering the sushi grade taste. 

We are the most sustainable fishery in Alaska. We are hook and line! that means less bi-catch. If we do catch a species that is out of season, with a flick of our wrist they come right off the hook, without damage. This increases production numbers of salmon and also helps the return for a new year. A lot of commercial fisheries have been viewed as destructive because of their high catch volume, but us Trollers not only are able to save more fish from accidental catch but we actually catch less fish. A net can scoop a pile of fish up disregarding their treatment, where Wild Woman Fish Co's Trollers take excellent care of their fish, because we don't catch as high of volume. We are literally the highest quality of fisheries in the world.

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