Wild Alaskan Premium Black Cod (butter fish) (5lb minimum purchase)


Black Cod is Also Called sable fish or “butter fish” because it has the highest omega-3’s of any seafood in the world! Black Cod is a delicacy, not to be confused with the Pacific grey cod. Because black cod is so high in Omega-3’s it literally taste like butter except for its firm and flaky like a halibut.

Black Cod is incredibly hard to find on the market because of the fresh market as well as being in high demand. Black cod is also one of the deepest caught cod’s in the world, at almost a mile under the ocean!

We offer Black Cod in 5 pound increments online due to shipping constrictions. Order today for this limited fish experience of a lifetime.

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Wild Alaskan Black cod is a royal delicacy! Imagine halibut, firm, mild, flakey, except with the highest omega-3’s in the world! Black cod is nicknamed butter fish because it literally melts in your mouth and taste like butter. Even a novice cook could not mess up butter fish. Pan seared, oven roasted, or on the BBQ with a sheet of foil underneath. One of our personal favorite ways is smoked black cod. Black cod is a delicacy and a very high end fish.
Black Cod are caught almost a mile Under the ocean and has the highest omega-3 count of all seafood in the world! Its compared to Chilean sea bass, but black cod is sustainable in very healthy numbers. Try our black cod and we promise you’ll be very surprised by the rich delicate flavor of this white fish.

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